Bath Time Essentials

S P L I S H – S P L A S H

Being a person that often struggles with high anxiety, it should come as no surprise that I love taking baths. I think they are relaxing and are a great way to take in some ‘me’ time. Even though a plain ol’ bath does the trick, I love listening to a good podcast or reading a book. I find that if I try to read throughout the day I struggle with wanting to watch television or do a task around the house. I can’t get completely focused – so I enjoy taking the time to layoff the screen time and wind down.

Below I linked some of my favorite items! One of my newest favs is actually not listed but I recently did a DYI project in my room (post soon to come) and had extra eucalyptus to hang from my shower head! It makes the room smell so fresh and so clean!

Anyways, how do you relax at the end of your day? Always looking for new tips and tricks.

xx stine

Holy Cats! Busy Week Recap & Shopping Haul

Good afternoon! Just another relaxing Sunday in the books for this one and was so excited to get home from work this morning to work on the blog.

These past few days have been crazy! I have been trying to work so much before school starts so that during the school year I am able to take off some time to study and compete! I have so many fun things planned for the Fall and I wanted to ensure that I was set to take those vacations!

Starting with a recap of the week (hope you all liked my post on Wednesday!); Monday was a usual slow day, just went to volunteer at the Crime Center in Billings and watched the Bachelor in Paradise (seriously obsessed). Who are you guys wanting to be together? I’m definitely a Ben Z and Raven fan. Tuesday was a good friend’s birthday of mine. I had to work but afterwards I headed to the gym for a quick session and then headed to the fair to meet everyone!

I had such a good workout Tuesday evening. I did a plyo workout and then some cardio to top it all off!

I was so sad that the fair happened to land in the middle of prep because I LOVE FUNNEL CAKES!!! I don’t even like cheese curds that much but there isn’t anything like a funnel cake from the fair.

After looking through the pictures I see that I didn’t get a picture with the birthday girl! Whaaatttt. But I felt so silly in a full JEAN dress, Britney vibes for sure, (I love this dress, btw) and I truly felt like people were wondering where I even found such a thing. WELL I AM HERE TO TELL YOU! Poshmark for $20. Jean is coming back in, people! Go getcha jean on (you’re welcome).

Wednesday I got to hang out with my friend Haley. I haven’t seen her in a lifetime and we wanted to do something outside. I have never been kayaking before so we went to a local lake, Lake Elmo, and got on the water! Afterwards she was so sweet and made me some chicken and broccoli for dinner. The weather was completely perfect for a night in the kayak.


Thursday was ANOTHER friend’s birthday! Was everyone born in August? She was turning 21 so we went out to get drinks after I got off of work. I didn’t get any pictures from the evening because the bar was JAM packed and by the time I got there it was pretty late and people were ready to party. I got to wear my new camo dress for the first time though and I was over. the. moon. If you know me then you know I lovvveee camo. I have camo shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses … etc. No pants though (coming soon)!

Friday I had an awesome opportunity to explore the Billings evidence lab. It was so cool inside and I really hope that I can do an internship for school there! The people that work there are so nice and they answered so many of the questions I had.

Friday and Saturday I worked, worked, worked. So no fun news there. Sometimes when I am working so much, coffee alone just doesn’t do the trick. So, I seek out other caffeinated drinks to sip on. Here are two of my favs:

BANG you can find at any GNC or Complete Nutrition. They have so many good flavors including: cotton candy, champagne and a citrus flavor! The XS I actually bought from a friend! The one above is grapefruit flavor but I have also tried the blood orange and it is to die for! On days where I am feeling slow I love to reach for one of these so make me feel a little more perky. If you are interest in the XS, you can get them here! They also have some BOMB lemon crunch bars.

ANYWAYS, I seriously think I have a shopping problem, people! I was shopping to get new ‘Back to School’ clothes and I felt like I went H-A-M. I just can’t help myself at Forever 21 or TJ Maxx! Everything is so cheap!



I got most of it from Forever 21 but there are a few pairs of Lulu’s in there. UGH, can’t help myself with that store! I didn’t NECESSARILY need new workout clothes but I did just get rid of some I had so I picked up a few more items. Whoops! Oh well, now I just need an excuse to wear everything!

This afternoon (Sunday) after I finish up the blog, I am going to start reading my two new books. My friend Jayde and I decided to start a 2 person book club (if anyone wants to join you’re more than welcome to!) and picked out our first book that we want to read.


The Serial Killer book is mine to just personally read and the The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is the one we are reading! I think that there are so many things that people often care way too much about and this book breaks it down to why we give such a f*ck about the most unimportant things and how to move on from caring too much! I will keep you updated on the how the book is coming and if anyone wants to talk about it more, just let me know!

All good things have to come to an end, so thank you for reading and stay tuned for some fun news this week that I will be sharing! On Wednesday I am going to post a shoulder workout and a review over a new beauty product that I am trying out! Stay tuned!


What books are you currently reading?

When coffee doesn’t ‘do the trick’ what do you reach for?

What is your favorite food from the fair?