Coffee, walks & the Bachelorette

This week has been C R A Z Y busy so far! Thus, I decided to post TWO posts this week to make sure that I didn’t leave anything out. I was so excited on Sunday evening because I got a gift in the mail (the best kind of gifts). I ordered a Fitbit Alta! I really wanted something that would tell me how active I was being during the day.


It’s dark purple with interchangeable bands! It tells me my text messages, phone calls, active minutes, calories burned and steps taken. The active minutes was confusing to me at first but it is when you haven’t stopped moving for more than 10 minutes. ANYWAYS – I love it and can’t wait to share more about it after I wear it a few more times.

Monday morning was a good friend’s birthday, Natalie. So in honor of her birthday we woke up early to go for coffee and take a walk on the rims. One thing I love about Natalie is she is always wanting to do something adventurous. The coffee shop we decided to go to is a new coffee shop in Billings, Black Dog. The exterior and interior of the joint was very cute and I decided to get an americano with a splash of almond milk.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the biggest fan of my coffee but I was happy to venture out and try something new! I love local shops! Since I work in a coffee shop I always love to try new things (especially our mess ups). Since I’m on prep I can’t really have an entire thick caramel, vanilla, latte made with half and half with a whip cream on top (I just made that up – but people order that!), so it is always nice to just take a sip of these drinks to try new things! Usually I get a coffee called a bee-sting. I get a quad shot over ice with honey, cinnamon and a splash of coconut milk.

One thing to mention about coffee if you are trying to cut weight, get in shape, or whatever, is that what you are drinking can really affect your fitness goals. Getting half the syrup or switching up your milk can be very beneficial in drinking coffee! Sometimes you should drink that extra flavor pumpkin latte. But when you are trying to reach a goal it can be detrimental to your diet.

Here is just a quick look at a Venti Starbuck Vanilla Bean Frappe vs. a Mcdonald’s hamburger. The three things that I always look at when before I eat something is carbs, fat and protein. To me, calories are not as valuable because if I am hitting all my macronutrients then my caloric intake should be fairly low regardless.

Back to discussing Natalie’s birthday! Here are a few pictures of our walk on the rims!

We had so much fun on our walk! Sidney (Nat’s roommate) and I got Nat a Fitbit for her birthday so we are now twins! The rest of the day was pretty mellow, I just went to volunteer at the crime center downtown and had to work that evening! The silliest thing happened when I got off though (aka, a not so funny story). I went to the gym for a late night session and my key FOB wouldn’t work! I was so sad. It definitely put me in a funk before I went to bed that night and I felt like I didn’t sleep as well because of it. I always sleep better when I’m completely exhausted from the day and I still had some pent up energy.

Tuesday I woke up and was ready to rumble. I wanted to make it to talk to the ladies at the gym early but actually didn’t end up going until after I got off of work! I wanted to workout after work but did not want to run home beforehand because it is SO HARD for me to get motivated once I am already home. Therefore, I took tuna packets togo so that I could eat them in my car before my workout!

I was so pumped to be back in the gym that I did a HIIT circuit and some lifting. I always keep my BCAAs close. BCAAs are so good to workout with because they help with soreness and the recovery process of your muscles (and also taste delicious).

It was the second day wearing my Fitbit all day and I reached 15,000 steps! I feel like Tuesday was not even an active day but I had 54 minutes of non-stop movement (cardio) and felt pretty proud with my end of the day check in.

The past few days I have been listening to a good friend of mine’s podcast. If any of you are interested in movies then you have to check it out here. Him and his brother discuss movie reviews in a very funny and witty way. It is even good to listen to when you haven’t seen the movie and it kept me enthralled the entire time I did cardio. I am always looking for new podcasts to listen to so if anyone has good podcast ideas, please share them in the comments!

After my workout I did some stretching. Stretching is so. good. for. you. Did you hear me? So. good. for. you. When you stretch you are increasing your range of motion in your joints. When you don’t stretch, muscles are tight and will have more of a tendency to tear. Stretching lengthens your muscles and can be truly relaxing to get into a good mindset before a workout.

After the gym I went home and watched the latest Bachelorette episode and boy was I bummed. I was already a day behind so I knew who was going to be the winner (I also looked it up a couple weeks ago because I am very impatient). WHY DID PETER NOT WIN?! I am so sad for him I hope that he will be the next Bachelor .. except he doesn’t want to get married so that would ruin the point of the show? Anyways, I was upset to see how Rachel treated Peter in the end but I do have to realize that it is reality tv and a lot of it is done for the viewing. I will FOR SURE be tuning in for BIP (Bachelor in Paradise) though. I am devastated to see that Dean will be making an appearance on there, low-key obsessed with him, but as long as my girl Raven shows up – I’ll be happy.

Back to business, Wednesday was a great day. I love Wednesdays more than any other day in the week. I feel like the week is halfway over and it doesn’t hurt that it is usually my day off. I spent the day food prepping but did end up going to lunch with a friend. Prepping can be hard during the summertime because there is so many events, lunches, dinners, birthdays, etc. But pretty much everywhere you go there will be always be healthy (ish) options. As long as you aren’t going completely H A M you will be okay. Sometimes it is needed to treat yourself.

I made soup for this weeks prep and I’m so excited to try it. I also do not know what I was thinking but I accidentally bought regular potatoes instead of sweet potatoes, what? (But on the real, the bag looked the same and they were next to each other in the store). So I soaked the potatoes for about 20 minutes, peeled them and cut them into fourths. After that, I set the oven to 450 degrees and roasted them for 35 minutes! They came out a littttle crispy but hopefully when I microwave them they’ll be good.

I think soup should be an every season thing. I found this squash apple bisque and I can’t wait to try it! I will totally pair it with some chicken for some extra protein. Lately, I’ve been so on-the-run that I have been eating tuna packets DAILY. I don’t always have time to take two hours to prep, like everyone else – I only have 24 hours in a day. So when I stopped by the grocery store I made sure to pick up some of my quick go-tos for the week.


I grabbed some tuna packets, yogurt and some rice cakes! I always keep Lenny and Larry’s cookies close. I always have sweet cravings and they are perfect for that.

Before I jet out for the rest of the day, I just wanted to share a quick plyo-leg workout.

IMG_1385 (1)

Have a wonderful rest of your week, friends! I hope to catch up with you all soon.


What did you guys think about the Bachelorette results?

What is your favorites go-to snack?

Do you think that soup should be an every season item?