Wellness Wednesday

Welcome back to my blog! Might I say .. it’s good to be back. I’m so sporadic with my posts but I’ve just been the busiest little bee working as much as possible before September (if you read my last post you know I’m moving to North Carolina this coming fall!)

What brings me here today is that I have decided to start a weekly segment regarding health and wellness. I know that in the past I have discussed fitness tips and workouts- but I actually wanted to use these posts to focus on something else … mental health. 

I know that so many people are more concerned about their physical appearance but forget that really it is what’s in the inside that counts. More so, how you feel in the inside that counts. Everyone needs to make sure they are taking the steps to ensure that their mental health and happiness should always come first. Often times people will put everyone else above themselves and truly forget how to feel happy or even content. I am definitely someone that realizes that the ‘highest highs’ will never hit us as hard as our ‘lowest lows’, but I am here to share some tips that have helped me lately with alllll of the stress of moving and working and how I  have managed to feel at peace.

For those of you that don’t know know me, I’m Christine. A very high stressed (always), constantly on the go, cat lovin’ gal. I have recently taken certain precautions towards bettering my attitude and ensuring that I feel beautiful on the inside and outside. I’m going to start small with some tips and tricks that should be done often to make sure that you are feeling good.

I know sometimes you haven’t showered in four days, haven’t brushed your hair in five and haven’t brushed your teeth in two and there isn’t anything that you/anyone could say to make yourself feel beautiful (guilty!). But it’s soooo incredibly important that you feel confident because it really does illuminate off you and make marks on the people around you.

So after all of the talking, here are 5 small tips I do to make sure I’m feeling the best of the best:

1. SLEEP – oh my goodness, we get it.. we need 8 hours but we don’t have time! Well, it’s okay to not always get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. And guess what, IT IS OKAY TO NAP. For a long time I felt so guilty napping and would try to force myself to stay up all day when I worked early and had a break in the afternoon. My mood was awful and people around me definitely noticed.

Make sure you are waking up everyday refreshed and exhilarated. I’m not going to tell you to ditch the technology before bed or anything like that. I find that watching one of my favorite tv shows when I’m off work really winds me down at the end of a long day. All I am saying is that every one and a while, inside of going out with the girls, maybe stay in and catch up on those z’s you’ve been missing.

2. Tell yourself you’re beautiful even if you don’t believe it – yo, I know each and every single one of you are beautiful. But you know what? If you don’t believe it, it means nothing. This is going to sound super bogus but I look in the mirror everyday and tell myself I’m beautiful. We’ve all glanced at our reflection and immediately picked ourselves apart – and I still sometimes do but I’m getting better at stopping and pointing out things I love about myself.

If putting on makeup makes you feel sexy and fun – make sure you’re putting on makeup everyday. If shaving makes you feel smooth and flirty – shave everyday! It really is the small things that count and I know that when I’m greasy and smelly the last thing I feel is pretty. So going hand in hand with good hygiene look in that damn mirror and tell yourself you are gorgeous. Because, girl you so gorgeous.

3. Mediate Daily – I’ve added meditating to the end of my day for about a month now and boy have I seen a difference already. I lay down on my yoga mat every night and use the app Headspace.

The reason I like this app so much is because it will remind me every night at 10pm to lay down and take some time for myself. I focus on my breathing and take some time for myself after being surrounded by people all day. I never thought I would be one to download a meditating app but the difference it makes in my sleep – is amazing.

4. Be Active – I don’t mean you need to workout every single day. What I mean is by staying busy and not just vegging out at home and watching tv. I am not joking, watching tv is one of my favorite activities, but if you are staying active and always have something going on, by the end of the day your body is ready for bed and relaxation.

I try to always plan something for right when I get off my morning job. I know that when I go home after an early shift I’m so prone to go back to bed (and if I need the sleep, that’s great! But sometimes I just lay down just to lay down and that is no bueno). Make sure you aren’t forcing your body into more rest than it actually needs. It will instead make you more tired and then the rest of the day you will most likely be crabby and then for sure not want to do anything with your friends or fam.

So next time instead of binging your favorite tv show that you’ve seen 10,000 times; maybe go take your cat on a walk and get some serious Vitamin D.

5. Exercise – Alright, alright, alright! I’m sure you are all thinking, ‘I knew she was going to hit us with some exercise BS.’ Well, ya. I don’t know about you but every time I exercise I feel so good, on the inside. Me staying active goes hand in hand with eating well. I notice that when I’m working out (hiking, swimming, lifting, etc.) all I want to do is fuel my body with the proper nutrients.

Personally, 3-4 times a week is all that I can really do with such a hectic work schedule but it truly helps me feel good and even gives me more energy! There was a good amount of time that I took off from the gym and I noticed that my mood was terrible. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and it really messed with my confidence. I can see the difference with my happiness even after going one time. Exercise will get your endorphins running and that is the exact high that you need to relieve that extra stress that has been weighing on your shoulders.

Alright, everyone. Thank you so much for joining me for my first Wellness Wednesday post. I hope that you utilize some of these tips and I hope that you share yours in the comments below!

Until next time,


2018 Update

Hello & Happy Tuesday!

I can’t believe that March is already here and Winter is SLOWLY coming to an end. Today I just wanted to touch on my life and what has been happening since my last blog update.

I’m back in school and just chugging along (more or less), working out about 3-4 times and week still living with my 4 incredible roommates. Seems pretty boring, right?

Well it’s safe to say I was feeling … a bit stagnant. So after weeks and weeks of feeling upset and not feeling like I was progressing I decided to talk to my advisor about what my future held. Once I talked to him I realized we were NOT on the same page and although I was gearing up to graduate next Spring I still had a semi-long road ahead of me.

That’s when I decided. CHRISTINE, you are not happy taking 18 credits, you are not happy with this or with that, you complain too much, you don’t sleep enough blah blah blah. So I decided to make some serious changes. LET IT BE KNOWN: one of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain but don’t do or change anything about it. And I was NOT about to be one of those people.

I decided to drop a few classes that were stressing me to the max. I decided that those classes weren’t worth my sanity or anxiety and I needed to catch a serious break. I blocked off an extra day at work because I wasn’t feeling rested when I was going back to school on Monday and I almost felt suffocated and couldn’t catch my breath. I also decided one big thing that I needed to do to feel happier – but that is a surprise that I cannot talk about right now.

Since I have tweaked just a few things I’ve already felt happier, less stressed, relieved etc. I feel like I have just that much more time to focus on myself and re-find my happiness.

I don’t ever want anyone to think that big changes are the way to always go when you’re having a ‘quarter life crisis’ (that’s what I’ve been calling it) or that you can’t be happy by making just small changes. For me, though, I’ve realized that all the small changes have been adding up for me to make one big change.

Pictures are sure worth a thousand words but just because someone appears to be happy in pictures does not mean one damn thing. I’ve always had an incredible support group to back me up on every decision – and for that I’m very thankful.

As of right now I just wanted to touch base but there is a lot of things I want to touch more on. Soon to come.

With love,

Christine ❤️


Hi, hi.

There has been so so much going on in my life lately that I felt like my next post NEEDED to be a recap of what I have been up to!

I am going to start with I COMPETED IN MY FIRST COMPETITION! I was over. the. moon. I will never forget walking off the stage and the feeling that I felt. I was ready to eat. That was for damn sure.

Rolling back just a few days, me and some friends drove up to Spokane (where my show was going to take place) a few days early to get settled in and actually make a vacation out of the whole ordeal. I felt so fortunate to have these people come and support me as I pursued something that I have been working towards for months.

We got in around 1am on Thursday morning and went straight to bed. We were so exhausted from the drive and most of us had a long day on Wednesday. From Billings to Spokane is about 7 hours and we didn’t make it out of town until late afternoon. Going from waking up at 6:30am everyday to being able to sleep in was amazing. A not-so-secret about me is that I loveeeee to sleep. It’s a problem.

ANYWAYS! Thursday evening we went to Scarywood. Ooohhahhhh. If you have never heard of Scarywood before, it is just Silverwood but the employees dress up and walk around and scare you. Turns out, I do not really like haunted houses … I like a lot of scary and gory things but being scared ‘shitless’ is not something that I am interested in partaking in.

Friday we woke up pretty early and I got in my last workout. We were staying with my friend’s aunt and so we were able to cook some food for the next day since we knew that we wouldn’t be at home all day. I wasn’t staying with them that night because I was going to get my supppper dark tan and then hit the rack and prepare for the day ahead of me. I guess the biggest thing that I was nervous about was having my dad and sister coming to my show. I know that they will support in whatever I do but I always have a thought in the back of my head that I want to make them proud. So for me, this was a big deal.

Saturday was exhilarating. People can tell you what it is going to be like backstage and what poses you need to strike onstage but no one can prepare you for the feeling that you get once you are up there in front of all those people. You feel like you accomplished something that many feel they cannot (I believe everyone can achieve anything that they set their minds to but many don’t want to). Although I didn’t place. I came off stage with the biggest smile and I was ready to eat.


If you don’t know me then you really don’t know the struggles that I was having about competing. About a month before I was set to walk. I was having serious doubts. I feel like people don’t understand how I felt unless they have actually been in my position. I felt too ‘fat’, my posing wasn’t ‘good enough’, I wasn’t motivated etc. The list could go on and on. I pushed through because people would tell me that I would regret it if I didn’t. I pushed through not entirely for myself but for my friends and family that had given me such kind words of encouragement. And because of them, I chose to be at the most vulnerable state that day.

We came back on Sunday and boy did life not stop. My Coach wanted me back on a reverse diet by Wednesday and at first I really wanted to follow it. But now, after two and a half weeks.. I haven’t been eating the best or working out. It is hard because you go hard hard hard for eight months and you really don’t feel like you get time off. So I took the time off that I wanted and I’ll be going back to the gym this evening. I don’t and won’t ever maintain how lean I was that Saturday and I am ok with that. But since a few of you have followed this journey, I have decided to share my progress photos with you. I don’t look ‘cute’ by any means but these are my transition photos from start(ish) to finish.

I don’t look super lean in any of these but I was also pumping 2 gallons of water into my body each day with a crapton of veggies. I was constantly bloated and doing soooo SOOOO much cardio. On show day I thought it was a MIRACLE how lean I looked and even though I could have been leaner. I was so happy with my progress.

Since next weekend was Halloween weekend. I was DTP. I haven’t been out with my friends in so long that I was ready to dress up and have a good time! I was Pooh and my friend Nat was Piglet. We had a lot of fun dancing and enjoying each others company.


Unfortunately, we had so much fun on Saturday that we disregarded the fact that we were having people over to carve pumpkins on Sunday. Ohhhh no. We were not in the mindset that we needed to be to be cleaning our house and decorating. Even though we all weren’t feeling ‘too hot’ we had a heck of a time carving pumpkins with all of our friends.

IMG_2313 2.JPG

Can anyone guess which one is mine?



I know that this post was long awaited but it took me awhile to decide what I wanted to write. Thank you to everyone that supported me along the way of such a long journey. I will forever hold you all close to my heart.

5 Life Improvements


I can’t believe it has been over a week since I have posted last! I have been so busy with school that days mesh into each other and I didn’t even realize that I have been so MIA from blogging!

Lately I’ve been working on trying to improve my life and trying to make the best of prep, school, work, etc. So sometimes when I’m laying in bed at night I have running thoughts on what little changes I could make that will make me happier.

Here are the 5 life improvements that I have come up with:

  1. Why am I on my phone all the time? I sometimes will be driving and checking Facebook at the same time. Not only is that super illegal it is even more unsafe! I decided that I needed to take one day out of the week to detach from social media and take time to enjoy people’s’ company around me. EVEN IF IT IS JUST WATCHING TV. I will spend endless hours sitting on my phone like a potato and not even know what is happening around me. So, one day a week .. no phone.

2. During prep I have struggled with my weight. I will hop on the scale every time I enter the gym and noticed I either gained, lost or remained the same. That killlllssss me (and I’m sure it kills many of you too!) DITCH THE SCALE, PEOPLE! At the end of the day it is what you see in the mirror and if you are happy or not. The scale shouldn’t control your life but sometime I let it! I will leave the gym unsatisfied and unmotivated. If you don’t weigh yourself and only focus on how you feel. Your attitude at the gym will guaranteed be more positive.

3. STOP EATING OUT SO MUCH. Up until recently, I was the worst about doing this. I love to eat out, who doesn’t? But often times I find that the food I was eating wasn’t worth the money or even wasn’t that great for my body. When I’m at home I have limited options and have to cook what is in my fridge. SO OFTEN I will let food go to waste in my fridge, therefore, I bought food that went bad and then bought another meal on top of it. HOW EXPENSIVE?! WHO AM I! THE QUEEN OF SHEEBA?! Just focus on making more food at home and if time is an issue prep food ahead of time for the week.

4. Start adjusting your goals. So often people make these crazy goals that aren’t obtainable for the ‘right now’. If you adjust your goals to your existing life and not the other way around, you will find that the opportunities may become endless… I want to lose 30lbs in two weeks. OK, let’s be realistic here. Maybe, lets start by making it to the gym 3 times a week and eating healthier meals. THAT IS OBTAINABLE. I too also make goals that aren’t realistic at this time in my life. My goal, to save up one billion dollars to go on vacation over Christmas, WELL, I am a full-time student with a FAT car payment and barely work right now. So, re-analyzing that .. I guess!

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you do something that you regret. Don’t sit there and kick rocks. Get up, dust yourself the hell off and keep going in life. Life is too short to be so concerned about every bad thing that you have ever done. WE HAVE ALL DONE BAD THINGS. NEWS FLASH : WE’VE ALL SAID THINGS WE REGRET. WE’VE ALL BEEN A BAD FRIEND AT ONE TIME AND WE’VE ALL BEEN MEAN TO PEOPLE THAT CARE ABOUT US BECAUSE WE NEED FOOD AND COFFEE… okay, maybe that last one is just me. But at the end of the day, either apologize or move the heck on. If you sit and dwell it will affect your mood and can make the situations worse than you already have made them.

Lately, I’ve been really to follow these improvements. Not allll the time do I realize that I need to make a few changes in my life but I always feel that if a few small changes could potentially make me happier, then why not try?

What are some improvements you have made to improve yourself?

Chat soon!


My Advice on Dating

Hi, friends!

Sorry about this post but I’m about to get opinionated real quick. WHY IS DATING SO HARD IN YOUR 20’s? Like, we really need Tinder and Bumble to meet new people? I know that dating can be hard but I am here to share some tips that I feel like I have acquired over the past few years. CAUTION – I am by no means a dating expert and am definitely not in a relationship myself so if you do not care to know my opinion.. just scroll right on to the next post!

  • TRYING TO ASK SOMEONE OUT. I feel like this specific point is directed towards men but can also apply to women, if you want to get a woman’s attention. Like, really get their attention. Walk up to them and introduce yourself. Do not walk up to them and say a cheesy pickup like ‘did you fall from heaven?’ or comment on how beautiful they are (you can after you introduce yourself but if you walk up to me and immediately tell me that I’m pretty.. all that I am thinking is ‘who is this guy?’) INTRODUCE YOURSELF.

  • MEN and WOMEN, if we are at the bar and you ask if me if you can buy me a drink and I say no. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED TO BUY ME A DRINK ANYWAYS. I won’t drink it and it was a waste of money. I never want to feel obligated to have a drink when I went out with the intention of not drinking that night. I don’t think that you need to buy me something for us to have a conversation.


  • Day dates – I think that all first dates should be day dates. They are so much fun and definitely less pressure. Coffee, walks, breakfast etc. SO MUCH FUN. There is so much pressure put on dates in the evening and if someone is not having a good time it feels like it lasts forever.


  • Do not get drunk on the first date. Yes, it can totally be nerve-racking to meet someone new but unless you are in the bar and getting ready to take someone home; don’t plan on getting wasted. You wasted = a wasted evening.



  • MAKE SURE YOU AREN’T BEING RUDE. Being rude to a person is not a form of flirting. I know that people think that degrading the opposite sex can be humorous BUT I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT IT IS NOT FUNNY. Sarcasm, to me, is funny. But when you start to be rude and ‘play hard to get’ .. it isn’t funny anymore. Yeah when I was 16 I was all about ‘playing hard to get’ but now, in my 20’s .. not into it.




  • WHAT NOT TO ASK : Why don’t you have a boyfriend? Why do people say that. Have you thought.. maybe, just maybe, I DON’T WANT A BOYFRIEND. It isn’t because I can’t find a boyfriend (hold up, lemme run to the boyfriend store real quick) it might just be because I enjoy life as an independent. I enjoy being single. You don’t always need someone to be happy.


  • ASK QUESTIONS! So many dates are consumed by one person talking the entire time. AND, you want to know what the other person is doing? Probably not really listening. Make sure it is a two-way street and that both parties are learning more about each other.


  • DO NOT sit on your phone the whole time. How did you live before you had a cell phone? What? Ring ring? You had conversations with people. Put the phone down and concentrate on the person you asked out or that asked you out



GUYS, I know that this post was all about me venting but does any of this get you riled up as well? I just want a normal human with a normal conversation. I know that these points are just thrown together but I wanted to share my thoughts on the whole thing. What do you guys think? Do you have any good tips to share as well?


PS – Here is a legit sidenote. My sister took my cover photo for this blog and she is super talented. Check out her page here.


Well hello!

Seems I’m a day late with this post right now but the way yesterday was going (super packed) I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to be able to get the post out in time. Today I wanted to discuss something different than another recap of my week. Because, honestly. Recaps definitely aren’t my most favorite to write and I’m sure they aren’t your most favorite to read.

I always do a reflection of my life at the beginning of each semester. I determine how much I want to be working vs. how much I need to be working and how both of those will affect my school work. I make sure that I am on the right path in my fitness journey and also make sure to keep my mental health in check. Unfortunately I can be known as the queen of taking too much on and sometimes that can get me in some trouble.

I always try to find balance in my life and sometimes it comes easy, and sometimes not so much. I feel like 23 has been a very awakening stage in my life where I truly found who I was as a person and 2017 has definitely been the year to make things (goals) happen. I used to be the girl that talked ‘big’ but never committed to something fully. So, one day, I decided not to be that girl anymore.

I feel like the first thing that I committed to was my majors in college. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for the longest time. And I knew that it wasn’t a race and I wasn’t ready to be at the finish line anyways. It’s funny, because when I tell people that I want to go into forensics they always ask, ‘Like Dexter?’ What’s funny about it is that I was watching Dexter when it clicked what I wanted to be. So, no. I don’t want to be a serial killer; but yes, I do want to do blood analysis. Got it?

That brings me into my junior year of college. I had a challenging sophomore year (to say the least) but I think that goes back to ‘taking on too much at one time’. Early Spring was my second big decision. I have always been a ‘talker’. Yeah, I’m going to do this or that and never really made it happen. WELL, that is annoying. What are you waiting for? Just say you’re going to do something and just get. it. done. Don’t hesitate. I decided to enter my first NPC competition (oh, here she goes again .. we get it, you work out). It wasn’t a tough decision because I literally thought about it for two days and signed up for a Coach and here I am. Although there are struggles with my prep, I am the happiest and healthiest version of myself at this time in my life. I found that I don’t need to drink or be the life of the party to keep friends or to have a good time. I have officially been two DD’s this summer on two different bachelorette parties and each time I was still able to enjoy myself. Yes, I do like to drink. But, no. I don’t need it to have a good time.

Which brings me to my third big decision. STARTING A BLOG! I didn’t wait too long before I decided to launch .. I was just so excited! I have never been the girl to put her entire life on the internet, but here I am! Allowing people into my life an open book. I knew if I waited too long, then it would never have happened. And I’m so happy for the way things have turned out.

This year I have learned that being alone is OK. I don’t have the FOMO that other people have lingering over them. Sometimes at the end of the day, I just want to curl up in bed and watch a good tv show, alone. And I love that. For a long time I did feel dependent on other people (to the point where I didn’t want to even run errands alone). It feels good to know that I am self-sufficient but my friends are also there when I need them as well.

I know a few posts ago I mentioned friends come and go. And I feel like that came with age as well. When you’re younger you want to hold on to as many friends as you have because it feels like almost quantity over quality. You soon find in life that it is all about quality. I got a good dose of that at the age of 23 as well.

Like I said earlier, 23 has taught me so much and as December rolls around .. I’m excited to see what 24 has in store. Because I know that it can hold nothing but greatness if I go into it with the right attitude. Every so often there are years of learning and growing. So yesterday, when I was reflecting upon my life. I see how I have changed and progressed so much within the last year, cool! The point of this post is to just be proud of who are you are, because you should always be your own number one cheerleader.

Well, besides my cat. He’s probably my number one cheerleader for sure.


Anyways! I hope you all have a good weekend and check back soon for new updates. Let the good times roll, people!


Who is your number one supporter?

Do you have any animals?


PS – Since I haven’t posted a workout in forever. Here is a quick booty-crusher workout to get you through the weekend!


Not All Breakups are Bad

Good morning and happy Sunday! .. Is it even considered truly Sunday if it’s only midnight?

I am spending today working and then catching some coffee with a good friend of mine. Coffee always seems to be the easiest way to catch up since we all live such busy lifestyles.

Today I wanted to touch on something closer to home for me. When I say breakups you thought I was talking about boys, right? LOL, nope! But tricked you to read this far!

When I started prep there were so many supportive people that came out of the woodworks. Even though I was surrounded by so many positive people, I also seemed to be surrounded by negative attitudes as well. It’s hard when you are trying to do something to better yourself and people will always have something bad to say.

Everyone can say that words don’t affect them, and I’m sure there is truth to that, but at the end of the day those words do linger in your head. I am here to tell you that during your 20s there are so many opportunities to grow and if we all thought too hard about what people thought we would still be in the same place that we started. You have to truly weed through the people that don’t care about your physical and emotional health. The people that are constantly asking you to dinner and drinks when you have told them multiple times that you are trying to cut those things out of your life. Of course, everyone loves to be invited but at what point is it peer pressure?

At what point is having people that constantly complain around just draining? I’m not saying cut everyone you’ve ever met out of your life; what I am saying is at the end of the day when you get off of work, what people are you dying to text to see what they’re doing? What people are you texting every couple days because you miss their presence? If you haven’t talked to someone in months, this goes both ways, then how valuable to EACH OTHER are you?

My dad always told me that, ‘you are who your friends are.’ I always took this to heart when deciding on who to be close with because when I would hang around certain people I would see myself adapting to their behaviors. Most of them good behaviors, but some.. not so much.

I know at the end of the day you can feel ‘stuck’ in friendships. Don’t ever feel that way. This is your life and you’re the captain.


I’m also not saying, ‘hey you should do s bikini prep to determine who your friends are!’ All I want from anyone to take away from this post is that we all get one life. If you aren’t happy at least 98% of the times, whose fault is that? You pick your own destiny

. I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I just moved into a new house with 4 awesome roommates and 3 cats (whoa). I am ready to take on the new semester and see all my school friends.

I don’t want this post to seem sad or that I am ungrateful for the amazing people in my life. Therefore, I want to say a few words about each of my friends and hope that you have people that make you feel this amazing about yourself.




Kenz – number 1 since day 1. Always been my best friend, always will. One of the strongest people I’ve ever met and we have shown that distance made our friendship grow stronger.

Amanda – my most truthful friend. She will always tell me the honest truth no matter how much it hurts. She is so accountable and always pushes me to be my best self.

Becca – the best mother. Always putting her son first. Always so understanding of life and my feelings. She truly cares about me and is constantly asking how I am and pushing me forward in fitness, school, life, etc.

Risa – the reason I fell in love with fitness. Will forever be grateful to have found this love. She is motivated and driven and I have gained a lot of knowledge by having her as a friend.

Mckenna – the girl I can call to complain about anything and she will reassure my feelings. The girl who was first to support me in my blog, life, anything. The girl that I can sit in silence with and not feel uncomfortable, my scary movie, sleepover and snuggle buddy. Someone I can always count on.

Colton – Everyone needs a Colton. He will drop anything to help me. Even if I don’t talk to Colton for weeks, or if I’m mean because I’m in a bad mood … 😏He is always so kind and asks how I’m doing. Everyone needs a Colton.

Keira – the sweetest person I’ve ever met .. AKA. My number one cheerleader. Every time we chat I come away feeling more positive and happier than when we started the conversation. I know this girl and I can get through anything because of our past and that makes our friendship stronger then most.

Hales – even though we never see each other, when we do.. it’s always so much fun. I know you would do absolutely anything for me and I hope you know the feeling is mutual. Love you, Hales.

Joseph – can’t believe I’m even putting him in here. Probably the smartest person I know and always has my back. Surprisingly missed him all summer and if you know me then you know I mean this all with love.

Little Linny – our friendship has truly blossomed. Someone I am always laughing with. Every time we get together we are constantly laughing and having a good time. She is so supportive and asks how my life is and makes such an effort to be apart of everything I’m doing.

Kayla – my fiery red head. Someone who has always picked me up when I’m down. Someone who always motivates me and makes me feel 100% on the worst of days. I’ve woken up to so many morning texts from her that set my entire day off to a good start. Find a Kayla, people.

Nat – my ‘chillest’ friend. Someone I call often and never get tired of her company. I go to Nat with pretty much everything. We have so many common interests and similar life styles that I’m confused on why it took so long for us to find each other.

Sid – you are the most level headed person I know. You are so down to earth and look on the positive side of things. You NEVER have anything bad to say about anyone and I think so many people can learn from that trait. You stay calm in the craziest of times and are always there to console me

Michelle – my girrrrrll. We have so much trust. For a long time I didn’t feel like I could trust many people and you have proven that you will be there through thick and thin no matter what the circumstances may be.

Last but not least,


Alexa – my little sister ❤️ I love you so so much and you support me through everything. I am so happy how close we are and I know you’re a large reason that you and dad are coming to my competition in September. You are always there when I need to talk and so happy to see the woman you’re becoming. You’re beautiful inside and out, sister 👯‍♂️

Hope you guys enjoyed this post make sure to check-in this Wednesday for some workouts and fitness tips!


Have you ever had to ‘break up’ a friendship?

Who is your biggest supporter?