Happy Tuesday!

This week I wanted to check in and write yet another travel blog! I know Kyle and I visited Wilmington not too long ago but last time we went the brewery we wanted to try was closed! We love trying new beer and understood the circumstances, of course, but definitely made a mental note to visit as soon as it opened back up (it’s only 3 or so hours away so it is an easy trip)!

This time we decided to leave Pippa at home – we love her so much but she can be too much to handle sometimes. We wanted to leave Charlotte around ten with the intention of being there around 1ish. But, after going through the checklist, turning around a few times, getting coffee and snacks, we ended up leaving around noon.

Side note: On the way there I got really into the book I was reading. It is called The Last Mrs. Parrish. I had a customer sit at my table and tell me about it and I was hooked before she even left. It’s safe to say it’s worth the read.

It was crazy expensive on Amazon but I found it Target for like $9!

I let Kyle pick out the hotel this time. Usually I am the travel nazi. I like to be there at a certain time, have everything planned to a t, and if things don’t go my way? Then I get upset (obviously a very unattractive trait and I’m working on it). With that being said, he ended up picking the most beautiful one bedroom right in the middle of downtown Wilmington.

After checking in, we scooted down to the Flying Machine (the brewery we wanted to try). The beer was incredible to say the least. They weren’t doing flights or tasters because of COVID so we didn’t get to try as many as we would have liked but the few we did get to try was worth the drive.

Kyle got an IPA and I got a Saison. It wasn’t overly sour and was incredibly flavor forward!

After drinks, we decided to walk around downtown and find a good place for dinner. We were in search of tapas style food but ended up picking Floriana. Each couple had their own private balcony that overlooked the ocean. We wined and dined ourselves, took in the view, and then decided to head back to the hotel. Like I said above we sat outside and chatted by the fire for awhile before bedtime.

The next morning we decided to walk to get some brunch. It was hotter outside than we anticipated, typical North Carolina, so we were definitely ready to sit down by the time we got there.

After breakfast we weren’t quite ready to hit the road so we decided to do some shopping. After hours of browsing and a few new shirts later – we decided to grab some matcha and ice cream and head back towards Charlotte.

Even though this trip wasn’t very action packed it was exactly what we both needed. Sometimes slowing down and being present in each moment is all you need. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

xx stine

Goals vs. Intentions

Happy holiday weekend everyone! I hope that everyone has some fun plans that involve all the barbecue and more importantly, all the family time. Of course I live far away from my family but I know they will be enjoying their camping adventure this weekend.

Today I wanted to pop on here and share what I’ve really been trying to focus in on lately: intentions. I have been writing intentions at the beginning of each week that I wanted to really focus on. What is the difference between a goal and an intention you ask? Goals are longterm. They will something you practice daily that will give you longterm gratification. With an intention, you want to practice it daily. You could think of an intention as an energetic starting point for a goal. An intention is about you and your relationship with others.

Here are a few ways that you can hold yourself accountable:

I personally write mine down every Sunday in my planner. Everyday when I check my schedule, yes I still use a paper planner, I be sure to read over my intentions/goals for the week and challenge myself to practice them daily. Another great way is to write them down, take a photo of them, and put them as your background on your cellphone. Every time you open your home screen you will be sure to read those intentions/goals and be reminded to follow through with them.

Make sure that what you write down is reachable. If you write down you want to lose 200lbs this week, that is unattainable. Goals and intentions are supposed to be fun and have meaning to you. If you are killing yourself to reach them, it will be more likely that you will quit instead of seeing them though.

Ask yourself, “what will happen if I don’t reach these goals?” If the answer is feeling terrible about yourself, then crumple up that goal and throw that shit out. You are doing this for you and only you. So if you focus in on that you won’t feel fulfilled unless you reach that goal – then it needs to go because you’re certainly doing it for the wrong reasons.

Dig deep. Why are you setting this as a goal or intention for yourself? What is the reason that you are writing this down. Losing weight to look good in a swimsuit should not be your entire reason. You should lose weight to be healthy. Yes, you may feel more confident but I promise if you are doing it to feel good from the inside out there will be more longterm effects than just looking great in a swimming suit.

With that being said, I want to share my intentions and goals with you all and encourage you to take some time this weekend and write down some of your own.

Weekly Intentions:

  1. Complain less/keep it positive
    • It is a fact that you are who you surround yourself with. So if you are surrounding yourself with negative Nancys then I’m sorry to tell you but you are most likely a negative Nancy yourself. I am going to walk away when I hear someone complaining instead of contributing and focus on a more positive environment. Everyone loves to complain and I’m no stranger to that, but this week I’m going to focus on when I hear someone complaining, go find something else to do and do not give into the pressure of becoming apart of it.
  2. Focus on body positivity
    • Quarantine was rough. Therefore, my summer body ain’t where I need it to be, you feel me? That does not mean I shouldn’t wear a swimsuit or I should pull on my lovehandles and make remarks to myself. Those memes that you are sending out that talk about how fat you are? Yeah, quit doing that and look in the mirror and tell yourself how damn beautiful you are from the inside out.
  3. Handle hard discussions with grace
    • I am Q U I C K to snap when things start to upset me. So this week I will be focusing on taking a breath or a pause before reacting to something that has upset me. Sometimes it is easy to say things we don’t mean but will you be happy with yourself about how you handled that discussion when you calm down later in the day? Think before you speak. Easier said than done, amirite?
  4. Stop taking things personally
    • SENSITIVITY ALERT: people do not do things to intentionally hurt you. And if they do, then they need to go ASAP. Before you start taking everything personally and thinking that everyone is out to get you – recognize that the person that did that, probably wasn’t even thinking about you when they were doing so. So stop taking things so personally and recognize that maybe sometimes you also do things that may hurt people and you never meant to either.
  5. Focus on meditation and relaxation at the end of each day
    • This should honestly be a goal – longterm status. You should always find ways to relax at the end of the day and sitting in a silent room after the rustle and bustle of the day is ideal. I don’t even care if you are in hot shower in silence after your work shift but as long as you have 10 minutes to clear your mind at the end of the day – it could really affect your attitude and mental state going into bed and for the next morning.

Monthly Goals:

  1. Workout 5 times weekly
    • This does mean go kill yourself at the gym. That is not what I am saying. What I mean is, get out the damn house, yo! Walk your dog, go on a hike, go to the gym (if you please), go tan and swim at the closest pool. Just do something active. Get up and move that beautiful body of yours and I don’t mean by doing two hours of cardio at the gym 7 days a week.
  2. Create a morning and evening routine
    • If anyone else has trouble taking off their makeup at night, say I – because you all know your girl is the worst at washing her face at night. I will wait until the last minute to wake up and be the first to fall into bed fully dressed in the evening. Wake up ten minutes earlier, wash that face and brush those chomps before hustling out that door. When you get home, take that 10 minute shower to wash off that day and crawl into bed clean and at peace.
  3. Write in my gratitude journal at least 3 times weekly
    • This journal keeps me accountable. I love the fact that I have an outlet to write down all the things I’m grateful for, because you know what? Often times I forget what I’m grateful for and I definitely need a reminder. There are so many things I, I’m sure you do too, take for granted every single day. So, I want to be better about focusing on those things and I know doing that will also improve my overall mood (which peep that intention).
  4. Keep my room clean
    • Clean space, clean mind. I am the first person to throw my dirty (and clean) clothes on the ground. WHY AM I LIKE THIS?! But nothing makes me happier then to come home to a clean space. I love being able to walk around barefoot in my house and not having a pound of dog/cat hair sticking to me. Clean your area and be proud of your space. I don’t know about you but I would rather relax in a clean space than a sty.
  5. Do something alone that I wouldn’t normally do
    • I hate (bold and italic because I hate it that much) doing things alone. I am so independent in so many ways but also so dependent in others. And leaving my house to even go grocery shopping alone, stresses me out. Why? I don’t know! Because once I get there it really isn’t that bad. So this month I will do something alone that I would normally do.

I hope you all go into your weekend with some ideas of new intentions and goals that you would like to focus on. I know that my posts lately have been slightly heavier but I love being able to have this platform to write and share how I’m feeling about things!

I do have a couple vacation posts that I can’t wait to share with ya’ll but times are going to be busy for July because of the following:

*drumroll please

A. I’m going home to Billings, MT this month to see my friends and family (woohoo)!

B. We are moving in August and have been on a house hunt to find the perfect home for us and our fur babies!

But, I wish everyone the best and can’t wait to chat with you all soon!

xx stine


Hi friends, family, acquaintances and everyone in-between.

I know in the past I have touched greatly on anxiety, how I cope with it and what I do to essentially make myself feel better and more comfortable. Recently, and I’m sure it’s similar with many of you, I have struggled with being anxious more often than not. As someone that chooses to put their life online, I think it is important to share every aspect of myself with you guys and use this platform to be completely upfront and honest.

Some of you may not know, but May was Mental Health Awareness month. And even though working on our mental health should be a daily thing, I think that is can easily be looked passed. When something is given a day or month it is easier to hone in and focus on what needs to be worked on and what we can do to succeed in those aspects of our life. Understandably with quarantine it’s been harder to pinpoint what is causing my anxiety because so much has changed in such a short amount of time.

I started working out, being more active, reading, investing in myself more than I have before but I was still feeling unfulfilled and anxious. I couldn’t tell if it was a lack of seeing my family, a lack of alone time or what was going on but I was consistently anxious.

So, the point of this post is to check in with everyone and make sure everyone else is doing alright. It is a tough time for everyone and I don’t want anyone to think that they were being overlooked or that their issues do not matter; because they definitely do.

At the beginning of quarantine there was a post going around saying, “check in with your friends, check in with people you love otherwise you don’t care about those people.” But I think it’s important to realize that just because someone hasn’t checked-in with you doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. They may be going through something way deeper than you could ever imagine.

I think that when you’re ready you should check in with whoever you feel like you need to check in with and if someone didn’t reach out to you during a tough time it isn’t because they don’t care about you. It may be because they do have their own things that they aren’t ready to confide in people with. Do not, make their issues about yourself and understand when they tell you that when they’re ready to talk about it, they will.

I’m here to tell you you are worth it, you are more than enough and you are extremely valued. Not only is this a peptalk for myself and words that I should be saying every single day but you should say them to yourself and others often. You need to recognize that you are the main character in your story and if you don’t act like it already then you need to start acting like it now. You are in control of your own life. You are in control of your daily habits. You are in control of how you feel. So I want you to wake up every single day and feel loved and happy, because you deserve it.

Even though the beginning of this post is semi-heavy; here are a few tips that I have been doing that have been helping me cope. I’ve been taking long baths, listening to the EmpowerHER podcast, reading a good thriller novel, doing personal development, taking time off social media, and not feeling guilty if I eat a cookie (aka – eat healthy but treat yoself). These things may sound silly to you but I encourage you to make a list of things that help you relax, check in with them daily and commit 30 minutes of your time a day to it (I understand that life is busy but we have just as many hours a day as Beyoncé). If that is calling your family or FaceTiming your friends, do that. If it’s taking alone time, even though it may hurt others, do that. Remember you come first. And even though people may not completely comprehend, if it weighs heavy with you then that’s all that matters. So, with that being said. I hope y’all have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to check back in with you guys soon.

xx stine

Life Recap: June


These past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy. Since being back at work full time I have not had as much free time, if any, as I was experiencing beforehand. I wish that my life could remain at such ease but I knew it was important to get back to work.

That being said, there are a few reasons I haven’t posted a life update for the past few weeks, some of the reasons being the following: time, I have not had the amount of time I had throughout quarantine. I still am a full-time student (even through the Summer) and unfortunately two jobs does put the damper on my writing time. Secondly, there are much deeper issues going on within the world right now and I think it was important to take time off of posting for a minute. I did not want to take away from what the world was experiencing. Here is a link that I encourage everyone to follow to educate, donate, petition, vote, etc. https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

Back to the recap – I’m definitely not an all work and no play type of gal. Last week my roommate and I took an impromptu trip to Savannah, Georgia. We both had two days off in a row and decided it would be fun to putz around and see what ‘trouble’ we could get into. Savannah doesn’t have an open container law so we totally enjoyed some Bloody Mary’s while walking alongside the waterfront. There will be a separate post later on the entire trip but it was safe to say we had a really great time and would love to go back soon (perhaps July?).

Over the weekend we took Pippa on a walk near Huntersville, NC. It has been deathly hot in Charlotte but we really wanted to get out of the house. After about 25 minutes Pipp acted as though she hiked 10 miles. She was so exhausted she couldn’t even catch her breath. I felt so guilty that she wouldn’t be able to walk with us anymore since the heat was getting to be so strong so I did some research. We ended up finding a store down in Rockhill, SC that sold dog strollers at whole sale. I was so excited! I trotted down to pick up the stroller and used it that NIGHT. Pippa was so happy to be pushed around and enjoyed being included.

Besides that one exciting thing there isn’t too much to share! I’m going to post a few photos below with some captions that will update ya’ll a little more but besides that, I hope you all have a wonderful week and get outside to enjoy some of this beautiful weather.

Current hair update: we went from cherry red to wine red. I think I like this color a little better? It was having trouble maintaining to the bright red and my bathtub has paid the price!

This is the longest DIY project I have ever endured. We found a stick outside a local thrift shop and decided it would be perfect for the eucalyptus hanging. Now we just need some fishing wire, instead of frog tape, to finish the final product.

We all had a ‘lazy’ day last week. Lazy day meaning I did homework while the fur babies slept in trying to avoid the NC heat.

Two books from Target that I’m excited to read! One is a personal development book, been wanting to dig deeper into that for awhile now, and the other is a book that was recommended to me from a customer! I will have to give an update on it when I’m finished but she stated, “It’s like Gossip Girl for adults on crack.”

xx stine

Welcome to Tree Hill

Since moving to North Carolina 2 years ago I’ve always wanted to visit Wilmington. For the beach? Nah. For the cute bars and coffee shops? Nope! But for a One Tree Hill self-tour? You nailed it!

The first day we got in later in the afternoon so we decided it would be best if we waited until Wednesday to do a little self-touring. We checked in at our little beach Airbnb and decided to head out to a local brewery. Since times are still very uncertain we brought our masks and social distanced as best as we could against the staff and other customers.

We started at Broomtail Brewery. They were only doing outside seating because of the pandemic but worked perfect since we had Pippa.

Kyle is the right, he enjoys IPAs and DIPAs. My flight, left, consists of a saison, a couple sours and a stout.

We putted around this spot for awhile and then headed towards the second brewery. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of this one and the beer was terrible. We switched to hard liquor and then headed back to change. We both weren’t feeling super well, stinks when you’re on vacay, but switched into cozies and walked along the Wrightsville Beach before calling it an early night.

Please ignore tie-dye shirt. My mom gave it to me when I was like 10 and I still have it 16 years later.

Wednesday we woke up refreshed and ready to rumble. But first, coffee. We hustled down to a local coffee shop called Be Spoke. It had a minimalistic style to it and their coffee was incredible. I usually get four shots of espresso over ice, honey, cinnamon and almond milk , working in a coffee shop has made me an addict but I like how the sweetness of the honey pairs with the espresso and it’s definitely been my go-to drink for awhile. Although I fufu mine up, I tried Kyle’s two shots of plain espresso and they were great as well – so A+, Be Spoke.

We wanted to grab a quick breakfast before starting our little tour around the town so we walked down the street and saw a cute little bagel shop. They had a setup in their doorway to ensure social distancing so we ordered and hung out outside the front of the shop; it was near the water so they totally have a great view from work.

After breakfast I decided it was time to start our One Tree Hill tour. Kyle was so kind and drove around and took photos of me. I’ve watched OTH more times than I can count. So one could understand my excitement when I got to see some of the main places that the show was filmed at. I’m not going to go into too much detail about each spot but the houses are currently occupied by homeowners so I had to be quick out and took a quick when taking the photos.

After driving around town for a couple hours we were ready for some drinks before we headed back to Charlotte. We stopped at a local distillery called End of Days. They specialize in gin, vodka and white rum and let me tell you, every drink (3 each) that we tried was beyond tasty. They had a modern farmhouse style inside and even let us bring Pippa inside! We stayed there for a few hours just enjoying the rest of our vacation and each other’s company.

Welp, cheers to a wonderful vacation and now back to reality. I hope everyone had a wonderful week/weekend/month etc. And thanks for tuning in!

xx stine

Life Recap: May 18-24


How is May almost over already? I feel like being in quarantine time is flying by so quickly. I struggle with not utilizing my time as well as I should but I really focused in last week on trying to feel accomplished everyday. I started working out again for the 10 millionth time since the beginning of this year and kept up with it all week! (*small win for sure)

Last Monday Kyle and I went up to the Uwharrie National Forest in hopes to find some Jeep trails to ride down. We didn’t get up there until later in the day because I had to work that morning but that was fine because the weather has been holding up pretty nice here in Charlotte. Anyways, we drove up, ran Pipp around for awhile (she travels everywhere with us) and then decided to check out some trails. Long story short we got a flat tire. Kyle brought out his jack and realized that even completely jacked up, it wasn’t tall enough to even lift his Jeep to put the spare on. We didn’t have to wait very long when a kind local stopped and helped us. He had a jack of his own that was better suited for what we were doing. We were so appreciative that he stopped, we really don’t know what else we would have done! By the time we scooted out of there we were hungry and ready for relax. When we got home we noticed that he had yet another flat tire, he really isn’t a bad driver I swear. Needless to say, he had to take his car in and get all new tires on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, my roommate and I ran a ton of errands because we knew the weekend was going to be busy. We had plans on Friday to have a movie night, eat tacos and craft so we wanted to ensure we had all the materials ahead of time! We went to Lowes to gather up stuff to make a blanket ladder, which we still haven’t touched, and to Trader Joes to grab eucalyptus for some room decor. We live and breathe grocery shopping. Since March, we haven’t been able to go as often as we would like but there is something about browsing the aisles and taking some time to yourself (or if you’re like me, with a friend!). Does anyone else feel this way as well?

On Friday I worked, and then came home to work on some homework and relax. Both jobs are finally opened back up and it has been hectic since the weekend. Later that afternoon we decided we needed to get up and do something *slightly more productive. We went to get tacos at Sabor Latin Grill and then hustled to Whole Foods for some dessert. Not only did we get a treat, Pippa got one as well! It was a combo of greek yogurt, bacon and peanut butter and she definitely enjoyed it.

We weren’t quite ready for bed when we got home so we decided to lay out my eucalyptus to dry! I really love the idea of hanging eucalyptus above a bed to add some flare. I honestly wanted to buy a pre-made decoration but Marilyn convinced me that we could easily make it ourselves. And after making it, I couldn’t imagine paying so much money for that! It was super easy.

Right now, it’s still hanging on that poor burlap string and hung with Frog Tape. I wanted to find driftwood or old barn wood that I could glue the string to so it would look a little more put together than it does right now. We didn’t anticipate having so much energy so we made a little shower decor as well. We just took the leftover eucalyptus and hung it from my shower head. I feel like everyone is apart of this big secret and I was out of the loop. My room smells delightful and my showers are more refreshing than ever.

I’m hoping to have time to build that blanker ladder this week but I’m headed to Wilmington tomorrow to enjoy my days off before work really starts to get crazy. I hope you all have a great week!

xx stine

Bath Time Essentials

S P L I S H – S P L A S H

Being a person that often struggles with high anxiety, it should come as no surprise that I love taking baths. I think they are relaxing and are a great way to take in some ‘me’ time. Even though a plain ol’ bath does the trick, I love listening to a good podcast or reading a book. I find that if I try to read throughout the day I struggle with wanting to watch television or do a task around the house. I can’t get completely focused – so I enjoy taking the time to layoff the screen time and wind down.

Below I linked some of my favorite items! One of my newest favs is actually not listed but I recently did a DYI project in my room (post soon to come) and had extra eucalyptus to hang from my shower head! It makes the room smell so fresh and so clean!

Anyways, how do you relax at the end of your day? Always looking for new tips and tricks.

xx stine

Life Recap: May 11-17

This week has been nothing short of crazy. School started back up last Monday and I have been having some serious trouble getting back into the groove. As if quarantine hasn’t already made me lazy enough, having that break from spring to summer semester really allowed the laziness to set in – so putting off a few assignments until the last minute made for a couple hours of stressing on Sunday evening. Safe to say I won’t be doing that again.

Besides getting back into school, I have also started going back to work as well. You would think that it would feel good to be busy again but after doing nothing for two months it opens your eyes to see how much you can wear yourself down without realizing it. So, on Friday my roommate, Marilyn, and I decided to get out of the house and head to Black Mountain, North Carolina for a hike.

I love any chance that I am able to get outside. The mixture of fresh air from the trees, the sunshine and the sound of nature is super soothing to me (and the exercise is a major plus). We hit the road early Friday morning to head to Vortex Doughnuts in Asheville. We knew that we were going to be outside all day and wanted to start with a treat. Little did we know the hike that we thought was 5 miles turned out to be around 9 miles.

When we got to the initial waterfall, on the far right above, we needed to decide if we wanted to keep going or not. We had already hiked pretty far so we decided to try to make it to the top. After about 4 miles or so in we found a break in the trees that allowed to look over Black Mountain/Montreat area. We hung around the top for awhile to allow Pipp to recharge and started making our way back down.

Not too far down we realized Pipp was extremely tired. She is a Frenchie but she loves to hike and swim. We wouldn’t be caught dead in the mountains or near a lake without her. But, with that being said, someone had to carry her.

Let me tell you, she is not a normal French Bulldog, I guess you could have probably guessed that by her love of the outdoors. She is 40 pounds of muscle and feels heavy just carrying her up the stairs. Marilyn carried her for awhile on her front but it was exhausting not having her strapped to anything so we came up with a better idea – let’s strap her into my backpack and carry her down that way.

She honestly loved it. She was so exhausted that she treated it like she was riding in the car and let just wind blow through her ears while I packed her down. On the way home we were all ready for bed so we stopped for some quick eats and went home and immediately crashed. We both had to work on Saturday so we wanted to make sure we got a good nights rest.

Saturday wasn’t too eventful. I worked for most of the day and then went to pick up some local pastries before heading home. My friend that I used to work with was preparing an assorted pastry box for the week and from previous experience, I knew they would be dang good (and they were). Once I made it home, I did spot a nice little surprise on my doorstep. My boyfriend sent me flowers! They were so beautiful and had the sweetest little note attached; they definitely brought a smile to my face and maybe one or two tears to the eye. Saturday night I just chilled out, watched some Netflix and did some homework. I love using the evenings to wind-down and recharge for the next day.

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during these crazy times!

xx stine


What are you watching on Netflix right now?


Aw, man

You know those on and off again relationships that you just can’t let go? Yeah, that’s me and this blog. No matter how much time passes by, after a few months I have a want to start writing again; not even for anyone else but just for me. I love the way I can brain dump onto a page and it allows me to express myself through words.

For a long time I just couldn’t decide what type of blog I wanted to write. Did I want it to be funny, lifestyle related, health related, etc. I was too busy comparing what I was doing against other really famous bloggers. I didn’t feel like I could compete with their viewers, what they were doing and how often they were posting. They were always doing fun things and documenting them on their page. And then I realized, I do fun things all the time but I just don’t always have my phone in my hand to photograph them (to be fair, I think everyone probably does fun things all the time and they don’t have a blog). But I have so many stories to tell and it makes me so excited to finally feel comfortable in writing whatever I feel like.

Along with the newfound confidence, I decided that I needed to give my page a style revamp as well. So, after hours of redesigning I finally feel better about what I’m posting and where I’m posting. My blog now screams, Christine; so that’s pretty fun. **Side note: I guess I needed to revamp myself as well because my hair is now bright red. It was something that I wanted to do for awhile but never felt like the time was right. So along with many other people I colored my hair in quarantine. I can already feel the daggers coming from my hair lady’s eyes but it was just a depositing conditioner so I will have to keep y’all up-to-date on the progress of hair back to blonde(ish).

Back to the revamp, since it has been so long since I’ve consistently written on this bad boy, it’s safe to say that I’m am a lot different than I was when I was initially writing. You may not see as many fitness and health posts but maybe what to watch on Netflix right now or this is the coffee shop I went to today. All and all I want to engage with the community and maybe make some new friends along the way.

Thank you for everyone for your continuous support and I’ll forever be grateful to you.

xx stine


Good morning? Afternoon? Happy Monday? Wednesday? I’m not sure I even know what day it is anymore!

Overall, it doesn’t matter what day it is; all that matters is that we are all staying safe and healthy while trying to guide ourselves through this quarantine. I’m sure everyone is tired of the memes and jokes that have come out of this and we are all hoping that our world starts going back to normal soon. I know times are tough and we are all trying to stay as busy as possible but I am here to remind you of a few things. So, grab your coffee, wine, beer or whatever is on the list to drink tonight/today/yesterday and/or tomorrow and bare with me as I go through at list of things that I hope will help you like they have helped me these past few weeks.

I would bet that even the laziest people have cleaned something since this whole thing started. I say this because I am one of those lazy people and I have cleaned my room and bathroom more times in the past few weeks than the entirety of me living in this apartment for the past year and a half. Even though cleaning may be a quick fix to feeling better, here are few things to detox that you may not have thought about until now.

First, your timeline. You know all those Facebook and Instagram friends that you look at daily and wish you were living their lives? Sorry, but it’s time to breakup with those habits and either unfollow, mute or hide those posts from your timeline. You aren’t being malicious by doing this one thing for you (and this is not me saying cut those people out of your lives, no, no, no, I’m saying stop comparing your damn self to other people – you are a perfect king/queen and do not need to prove that to anyone). When you separate yourself from looking at what your life ‘could be like’ and focus on what your life is actually like, it can be really eyeopening and show you how wonderful your life is already.

Second, you know those clothes that don’t fit anymore? TOSS THEM. I know this isn’t the TV show What Not to Wearbut I’m telling you – stop wearing clothes that do not fit you anymore! They cannot be comfortable and they cannot be good for your mental health. Instead of focusing on what your body used to look like (you know, back in high school before all those curves started coming in?), embrace what your body looks like now. You are beautiful the way you and when you have those constant reminders staring at you in your closet they may harming you more than you think!

Third, utilize your time. This isn’t me telling you to workout more, learn a new language or start a blog (hehe). But really take the time to analyze your life. Were you unhappy in a job before this all started? This could be blessing for you. Start applying to your dream jobs, jobs that you have always wanted but have never had time to fill out those tedious applications. Who cares if you don’t get them, right? All they can do is not call you and you are in the same position you were already in. Have you been wanting to go back to school but haven’t had time to look into it? Well it seems like the time has come, look into your degree options, meditate and explore your mind on what you would want to pursue and use your time to find the best option for you.

Lastly, feel your feelings. I know during this hard time you may feel sad, mad, depressed, etc. But you also may feel selfish for feeling those things. Don’t. Feel how you need to feel for you. It’s alright to feel selfish during these times, hell, during all times! It’s important to acknowledge your feelings and to not push things under the rug because you feel like you bad because you have it better than others. Let me tell you, you’re right. You might have it better than other people but I’m sure that people that have it better than you are also struggling during this time. Times are rough but we are all in this together (literally, which is crazy), ad even though someone’s life may look glorious on the outside we all have our struggles on the inside. So most importantly, be kind.

Alright, folks. Well that is about all I have for right now. I hope that everyone is enjoying their time as much has they can. If you have gained 10lbs through this situation or have been working out daily, your’e doing great, sweetie – keep up the good work.

xx christine