Welcome to The Adventures of Stine, my lifestyle blog. I would never imagine that I would be a girl to start a blog. I was just thinking not too long ago about how I could grow my life a little more and I thought, ‘I should start a lifestyle blog.’ It was as easy as that! And so whether people read it or not, here I am sharing my experiences with  the world and hopefully giving people some sort of entertainment.

I’m a twenty-something year old (23 years to be exact), living in Billings, Montana. I’ve lived in Billings for most of my life but did spend some time in Enumclaw, Washington (can anyone tell me where that is? ;)) I have a wonderful bengal/pixie-bob cat and his name is Wallace. You could definitely say that I’m a little cat obsessed. Right now I am prepping for my first NPC Bikini Competition in Spokane, Washington in October! I am attending Montana State University Billings and double majoring in Biology and Criminal Justice. I am so excited where life has taken me this far and feel so grateful.


So what can you expect this blog to be about? It will mostly revolve around my life and my fitness journey. I’ll be sharing workouts, recipes, projects, eats, coffee and most likely a ton of posts about my cat.

Most of the time you’ll find me reading a good book, at the gym, going out for walks or hikes (love to be outdoors) or just watching some TV (I LOVE TV – should probably work on that). I love to sleep in, make a big breakfast and drink some coffee in the morning but that is not how most of my days go. I am a barista so most of the time I do tend to get up fairly early. I really try to enjoy the small things in life and my favorite time of the year is October – December. I LIVE for the Fall and Winter seasons. Pumpkin and peppermint are my go-tos for anything and the fact that when these seasons roll around they are everywhere just lights up my life. I also love carving pumpkins, Halloween and Christmas music and scary movies. Everything about these seasons just ‘gets’ me.

I’m just one girl trying be the happiest I can and trying to stop and smell the roses instead of rushing through life.