Life Recap: June


These past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy. Since being back at work full time I have not had as much free time, if any, as I was experiencing beforehand. I wish that my life could remain at such ease but I knew it was important to get back to work.

That being said, there are a few reasons I haven’t posted a life update for the past few weeks, some of the reasons being the following: time, I have not had the amount of time I had throughout quarantine. I still am a full-time student (even through the Summer) and unfortunately two jobs does put the damper on my writing time. Secondly, there are much deeper issues going on within the world right now and I think it was important to take time off of posting for a minute. I did not want to take away from what the world was experiencing. Here is a link that I encourage everyone to follow to educate, donate, petition, vote, etc.

Back to the recap – I’m definitely not an all work and no play type of gal. Last week my roommate and I took an impromptu trip to Savannah, Georgia. We both had two days off in a row and decided it would be fun to putz around and see what ‘trouble’ we could get into. Savannah doesn’t have an open container law so we totally enjoyed some Bloody Mary’s while walking alongside the waterfront. There will be a separate post later on the entire trip but it was safe to say we had a really great time and would love to go back soon (perhaps July?).

Over the weekend we took Pippa on a walk near Huntersville, NC. It has been deathly hot in Charlotte but we really wanted to get out of the house. After about 25 minutes Pipp acted as though she hiked 10 miles. She was so exhausted she couldn’t even catch her breath. I felt so guilty that she wouldn’t be able to walk with us anymore since the heat was getting to be so strong so I did some research. We ended up finding a store down in Rockhill, SC that sold dog strollers at whole sale. I was so excited! I trotted down to pick up the stroller and used it that NIGHT. Pippa was so happy to be pushed around and enjoyed being included.

Besides that one exciting thing there isn’t too much to share! I’m going to post a few photos below with some captions that will update ya’ll a little more but besides that, I hope you all have a wonderful week and get outside to enjoy some of this beautiful weather.

Current hair update: we went from cherry red to wine red. I think I like this color a little better? It was having trouble maintaining to the bright red and my bathtub has paid the price!

This is the longest DIY project I have ever endured. We found a stick outside a local thrift shop and decided it would be perfect for the eucalyptus hanging. Now we just need some fishing wire, instead of frog tape, to finish the final product.

We all had a ‘lazy’ day last week. Lazy day meaning I did homework while the fur babies slept in trying to avoid the NC heat.

Two books from Target that I’m excited to read! One is a personal development book, been wanting to dig deeper into that for awhile now, and the other is a book that was recommended to me from a customer! I will have to give an update on it when I’m finished but she stated, “It’s like Gossip Girl for adults on crack.”

xx stine

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