Welcome to Tree Hill

Since moving to North Carolina 2 years ago I’ve always wanted to visit Wilmington. For the beach? Nah. For the cute bars and coffee shops? Nope! But for a One Tree Hill self-tour? You nailed it!

The first day we got in later in the afternoon so we decided it would be best if we waited until Wednesday to do a little self-touring. We checked in at our little beach Airbnb and decided to head out to a local brewery. Since times are still very uncertain we brought our masks and social distanced as best as we could against the staff and other customers.

We started at Broomtail Brewery. They were only doing outside seating because of the pandemic but worked perfect since we had Pippa.

Kyle is the right, he enjoys IPAs and DIPAs. My flight, left, consists of a saison, a couple sours and a stout.

We putted around this spot for awhile and then headed towards the second brewery. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of this one and the beer was terrible. We switched to hard liquor and then headed back to change. We both weren’t feeling super well, stinks when you’re on vacay, but switched into cozies and walked along the Wrightsville Beach before calling it an early night.

Please ignore tie-dye shirt. My mom gave it to me when I was like 10 and I still have it 16 years later.

Wednesday we woke up refreshed and ready to rumble. But first, coffee. We hustled down to a local coffee shop called Be Spoke. It had a minimalistic style to it and their coffee was incredible. I usually get four shots of espresso over ice, honey, cinnamon and almond milk , working in a coffee shop has made me an addict but I like how the sweetness of the honey pairs with the espresso and it’s definitely been my go-to drink for awhile. Although I fufu mine up, I tried Kyle’s two shots of plain espresso and they were great as well – so A+, Be Spoke.

We wanted to grab a quick breakfast before starting our little tour around the town so we walked down the street and saw a cute little bagel shop. They had a setup in their doorway to ensure social distancing so we ordered and hung out outside the front of the shop; it was near the water so they totally have a great view from work.

After breakfast I decided it was time to start our One Tree Hill tour. Kyle was so kind and drove around and took photos of me. I’ve watched OTH more times than I can count. So one could understand my excitement when I got to see some of the main places that the show was filmed at. I’m not going to go into too much detail about each spot but the houses are currently occupied by homeowners so I had to be quick out and took a quick when taking the photos.

After driving around town for a couple hours we were ready for some drinks before we headed back to Charlotte. We stopped at a local distillery called End of Days. They specialize in gin, vodka and white rum and let me tell you, every drink (3 each) that we tried was beyond tasty. They had a modern farmhouse style inside and even let us bring Pippa inside! We stayed there for a few hours just enjoying the rest of our vacation and each other’s company.

Welp, cheers to a wonderful vacation and now back to reality. I hope everyone had a wonderful week/weekend/month etc. And thanks for tuning in!

xx stine

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