Life Recap: May 18-24


How is May almost over already? I feel like being in quarantine time is flying by so quickly. I struggle with not utilizing my time as well as I should but I really focused in last week on trying to feel accomplished everyday. I started working out again for the 10 millionth time since the beginning of this year and kept up with it all week! (*small win for sure)

Last Monday Kyle and I went up to the Uwharrie National Forest in hopes to find some Jeep trails to ride down. We didn’t get up there until later in the day because I had to work that morning but that was fine because the weather has been holding up pretty nice here in Charlotte. Anyways, we drove up, ran Pipp around for awhile (she travels everywhere with us) and then decided to check out some trails. Long story short we got a flat tire. Kyle brought out his jack and realized that even completely jacked up, it wasn’t tall enough to even lift his Jeep to put the spare on. We didn’t have to wait very long when a kind local stopped and helped us. He had a jack of his own that was better suited for what we were doing. We were so appreciative that he stopped, we really don’t know what else we would have done! By the time we scooted out of there we were hungry and ready for relax. When we got home we noticed that he had yet another flat tire, he really isn’t a bad driver I swear. Needless to say, he had to take his car in and get all new tires on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, my roommate and I ran a ton of errands because we knew the weekend was going to be busy. We had plans on Friday to have a movie night, eat tacos and craft so we wanted to ensure we had all the materials ahead of time! We went to Lowes to gather up stuff to make a blanket ladder, which we still haven’t touched, and to Trader Joes to grab eucalyptus for some room decor. We live and breathe grocery shopping. Since March, we haven’t been able to go as often as we would like but there is something about browsing the aisles and taking some time to yourself (or if you’re like me, with a friend!). Does anyone else feel this way as well?

On Friday I worked, and then came home to work on some homework and relax. Both jobs are finally opened back up and it has been hectic since the weekend. Later that afternoon we decided we needed to get up and do something *slightly more productive. We went to get tacos at Sabor Latin Grill and then hustled to Whole Foods for some dessert. Not only did we get a treat, Pippa got one as well! It was a combo of greek yogurt, bacon and peanut butter and she definitely enjoyed it.

We weren’t quite ready for bed when we got home so we decided to lay out my eucalyptus to dry! I really love the idea of hanging eucalyptus above a bed to add some flare. I honestly wanted to buy a pre-made decoration but Marilyn convinced me that we could easily make it ourselves. And after making it, I couldn’t imagine paying so much money for that! It was super easy.

Right now, it’s still hanging on that poor burlap string and hung with Frog Tape. I wanted to find driftwood or old barn wood that I could glue the string to so it would look a little more put together than it does right now. We didn’t anticipate having so much energy so we made a little shower decor as well. We just took the leftover eucalyptus and hung it from my shower head. I feel like everyone is apart of this big secret and I was out of the loop. My room smells delightful and my showers are more refreshing than ever.

I’m hoping to have time to build that blanker ladder this week but I’m headed to Wilmington tomorrow to enjoy my days off before work really starts to get crazy. I hope you all have a great week!

xx stine

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