Aw, man

You know those on and off again relationships that you just can’t let go? Yeah, that’s me and this blog. No matter how much time passes by, after a few months I have a want to start writing again; not even for anyone else but just for me. I love the way I can brain dump onto a page and it allows me to express myself through words.

For a long time I just couldn’t decide what type of blog I wanted to write. Did I want it to be funny, lifestyle related, health related, etc. I was too busy comparing what I was doing against other really famous bloggers. I didn’t feel like I could compete with their viewers, what they were doing and how often they were posting. They were always doing fun things and documenting them on their page. And then I realized, I do fun things all the time but I just don’t always have my phone in my hand to photograph them (to be fair, I think everyone probably does fun things all the time and they don’t have a blog). But I have so many stories to tell and it makes me so excited to finally feel comfortable in writing whatever I feel like.

Along with the newfound confidence, I decided that I needed to give my page a style revamp as well. So, after hours of redesigning I finally feel better about what I’m posting and where I’m posting. My blog now screams, Christine; so that’s pretty fun. **Side note: I guess I needed to revamp myself as well because my hair is now bright red. It was something that I wanted to do for awhile but never felt like the time was right. So along with many other people I colored my hair in quarantine. I can already feel the daggers coming from my hair lady’s eyes but it was just a depositing conditioner so I will have to keep y’all up-to-date on the progress of hair back to blonde(ish).

Back to the revamp, since it has been so long since I’ve consistently written on this bad boy, it’s safe to say that I’m am a lot different than I was when I was initially writing. You may not see as many fitness and health posts but maybe what to watch on Netflix right now or this is the coffee shop I went to today. All and all I want to engage with the community and maybe make some new friends along the way.

Thank you for everyone for your continuous support and I’ll forever be grateful to you.

xx stine

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