A Year in Charlotte

Knock, knock. Is this thing on?

It’s certainly been long enough where I feel like I need to reintroduce myself and give this little blog a revamp.

Where have I been you ask? Or didn’t, either way… I moved to Charlotte last September and have been MIA pretty much in the blogging community since. I’ve definitely missed expressing myself and unloading on this platform and would love if I could be better about keeping up on it (I’m totally in a better place than I was last year!). 

So, what’s new? Well, take a seat boys and girls because I’m here to tell you. Within this last year I have had exponential growth. I experienced feeling alone for the first time. Not like moving out of your parent’s house but still living in the same town alone. I mean my car broke down a couple weeks ago and I called my dad and he told me he couldn’t help alone. I get it, I’m 25. I’m an adult. When will I get off the tit? Side note: I think my parent’s love it when I call them for help so probably never.

Let’s rewind a bit here and jump back into last November. As some of you may know, I’m a girl that has always held many jobs. I love being busy and often times take on more than I can handle (I’ve tried to outgrow this but I think it’s just who I am at this point). So when I first moved here I was working constantly. I think I was trying to fill the void of feeling lonely. It helped in a lot of ways but always hurt me too. Because on days where I didn’t have anything going on I would find myself sleeping to pass the time until I could work again. Yikes, that’s hard to admit!

If you’ve followed my blog in the past I have always been open about mental illness and finding ways to deal with anxiety. I have far from perfected it but I have totally found some ways that help me when the going gets rough. Onto December, the holidays are a very hard time to be away from your family for the first time – I learned that reallllll quick. But I was lucky enough to visit my family in Florida for Christmas. We had an incredible time and it was so nice to have some R&R time with the people I loved the most.

Fun fact, it doesn’t really snow in Charlotte so that was a very interesting season for me. In Montana it starts snowing in October. In fact, my mom texted me the other day and said that there was going to be snow this upcoming week! Get your Carhartts out ladies and gents! I brought mine to Charlotte and it’s the most worthless thing!

Right around springtime I was slowly starting to enjoy what this city has to offer. Charlotte in the Spring is beyond beautiful. All the flowers are blooming and everything is incredibly green. I was spending more time outside hiking and on the off-chance I would stay inside I would do things that would make feel fulfilled (making dinner or taking my dog on walks).

Summer has been hot but a growing time as well. I often times feel like I’ll never stop growing and as I age I understand that maybe that is what life is about – constant growth to be the best person you can possibly be.

Although Summer is still going strong I’m one of those basic girls anxiously waiting to eat, drink, carve anything pumpkin (I was actually ready in September but my roommate would not allow me to jump-the-gun). I have so many fun plans coming up for the rest of the year and I feel like I’m finally finding my grounding again. Also, moving is expensive and mentally/physically exhausting. So, yes. After an entire year of being in Charlotte I am finally starting to feel financially stable again. It did not help that I took a 3 week vacation back in May (will create a separate post for that later) but I would do it all over again for that incredible experience.

Anyways, there is the quickest update that I could possibly do! I’m happy to be back and hopefully I will be better about keeping up this time around.

Until next time,



1. What’s your favorite Fall item?

2. Have you ever moved far from home?

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