WHAT A YEAR. I can’t believe that 2017 has come to an end and 2018 has already arrived! I wanted make a post about what this year has taught me and what I can take into this year with me. I know that you don’t necessarily need a ‘new year’ to make big changes but I feel like the new year does push people to reflect on their lives and see where they need to make improvements. So, in regards to that, let us not make fun of people’s ‘new year, new me’ mentality because it may just be their way of expressing that they need to make some serious changes in their lives.


I rang in 2017 in Florida (I generally do with my family!) and was excited to get the ball rolling. I was in my sophomore year of college and excited to hustle through the semester into summer. This was the month that I decided I wanted to start prepping. I knew I wanted to make a big change in my life but I was uncertain of what it was going to be at the time. I’m not going to bombard this post with pictures from prep because I feel like I’ve exhausted them already in other posts!

The far left photo is me in front of our home in Florida, the second one over is me with my beautiful sister visiting this ‘super good’ seafood restaurant in Fort Meyers, third from the left is me and Taylor at my friend’s ‘Christmas party’, and (of course) a picture of my cat, Wallace.

For the most part January was just another month. It flew by quickly and I’m sad to say but I don’t remember too much of the month itself.


February, I remember being happy. I remember taking the photo above and the joy I felt at the time. This was my first month onto prep and I felt that I finally was doing something for myself in a positive way. I had Invisalign at the time I had just gotten my brackets off and was over the moon. I try to find happiness in the smallest of things; but just like everyone else, I sometimes struggle with doing so.


My friends and I had a girls nights planned for quite sometime. I remember going to dinner at The Fieldhouse and having an amazing time with great company. Following the show, we went to go see Jeff Dye (he was super funny!). I love when we plan things like this because it constantly gives you something to look forward to. I think it is extremely important to always be excited about something. It keeps you happy and it keeps you sane.


Well, well, well. Three months into prep and THIS HAPPENS. I was bartending and a bar glass shattered in my hand. Needless to say I needed some serious stitches. After this happened I realized that it was just a setback, that these things happen. I had to take a MONTH off of lifting in the middle of prepping and I WAS UPSET. I really had to refocus my mindset and learn that things come out and sometimes you just have to redirect your goals to what is achievable.


In May, my good friend Haley graduated college at MSUB. Woohoo! Looking at that I see the end is near and that I just need to keep my head down and keep working towards my goals. She is an inspiration to me and I’m lucky to call her a friend! The other pictures are just randoms from the month.


June was BUSY. One of my best friend was getting married in July so we had a bachelorette party in Chico and then a bridal shower shortly afterwards. I posted pictures from prep on this month because I remember feeling proud of myself. Proud that I stuck with my plan, proud that I was accomplishing what I wanted to. This was also the month that I started becoming very close with one of my good friends, now. Her name is Natalie, and through Natalie, I met Sidney. Both are extremely important to me and this was the month that I started hanging out with them more and more.


WEDDING TIME. Boy, that was an amazing day. Thank you to Amanda for allowing me to be apart of it! This month was full of hiking and outdoors. I really got to enjoy the summer and I wanted to take full advantage of great weather. This was also the month that I quit a job that I was at for SEVEN years. I need ‘new’ and so I took a leap of faith.


The month I started my blog! After quitting the job I was at forever I decided to start something else that was new, my blog! I wanted to write a blog for as long as I could remember and I decided that the time was now. Just do it! Who cares!


To Bozeman we went! I had another bachelorette party to attend we had such a fun time! After that came bridal showers and wedding bells. Bozeman is so beautiful and I wish I was able to go up there more often. I was closing in towards the end of prep and I was totally ready to be done and be able to eat great food again.


The busiest month of them ALL. We went to Jimmy Eat World at the pub station, I was in a wedding the following weekend, competition the weekend after that and then .. HALLOWEEN! My friend Nat and I celebrated a little too hard since we were having a pumpkin carving party at our house the next day. What I remember from October the most was having a great group of friends surrounding me through a really rewarding time in my life.


Thanksgiving. If that isn’t a good reason to realize what you’re thankful for then I don’t know what is! This month I spent a lot of time with my family and ended the month by setting up our Christmas tree with my awesome roommates.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Ringing in 24 like a champion with all my wonderful friends. We got brunch and later that day we threw a White Elephant Christmas Party! After all the holiday commotion I ran off to Florida with my family to catch some Vitamin D. I made sure to be home for NYE so I could roll into 2018 with some of the best.


Thank you to everyone who has been there for 2017. Cannot wait to see what this year brings but I can only assume great things.

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