Did Someone Say Stress?


Good morning!

I was having some serious struggles on what to write about this week and my good friend, Joseph, mentioned that I should do a post on stress. dun dun dun DUN.

I feel like I am a professional at stress. During school, I am constantly stressing about my next test, my next workout, my next nap etc. I know I have mentioned it many-a-times but it took me quite some time to find the balance that I am at today… and even now I am still working on it. So today I am going to share some things that stress me out and how I choose to fix them!

1. Stressing about tests at school

UGH, this one is a stinker. I hate when I have to study and have to blow off plans with my friends. But, honestly .. NO ONE LIKES TO DO THAT. Sometimes you have to pick at what is more important in your life in that moment and what will take you farther in your future. Sometimes you need to stay home to ‘hit the books’ instead of ‘hitting the club’. No one said that paying someone $5000 a semester and then having them test you would be easy but they did say it would be worth it.

2. Stressing about sleep

8 hours? What is 8 hours? Generally I sleep around 5-6 hours a night. I know that isn’t the healthiest but I have a guilty pleasure to confess. I love watching television. And I know that probably isn’t what you were expecting that was keeping me up all night but I before I go to bed, television relaxes me quite a bit! I don’t binge in the evenings by any means but 1 episode of my favorite show and I feel sleepy and ready for bed. Because of my evening job and my early morning classes though, tv can really affect my sleep patterns at night. I definitely need to work on just showering and going straight to bed and not turning on the tv at all.

3. Stressing about being ‘good enough’

I can’t be the only one that feels this way .. I feel like I am always struggling with who I am and who I want to be. I feel like no matter what the situation is, I don’t always feel ‘good enough’. If it is with friends, health, my competition coming up, etc. I just feel like I am constantly competing with myself in the worst ways. I overthink every situation and think of every possibility of how it may go wrong. I would say that to an extent, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but sometimes when you stress about one thing, you just stress about everything.

4. Stressing about money

I feel like I do this more often than not. I’m always worried about how much money is in my checking account, how much cash I have on me (server life), or how much money I’m saving. I always feel like I save, save, save and live so frugal that I miss certain events just to build up my bank account. I know that life isn’t all about money but for some reason it tends to be the center of my mind. Just always remember that memories will last longer than a check.

5. Stressing about the future

WHY. Why not live in the moment? Be present. Sometimes I’ll find my train of thought thinking about ‘the next best thing’. Why don’t I focus on the now? I always picture the future as being this wonderful thing and I get anxious. I need to understand that there is something positive about every moment. I need to be grateful for how far I have come in the ‘right now’ and not focus too much on where I am heading. It is always good to set goals but just make sure you don’t have tunnel vision in the process.

Feeling pretttty productive with two posts this week and can’t wait to share the next couple weeks with you!

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