Africa 2016

I could sit here an reminisce about Africa for the rest of my life. I feel like it was a once and a lifetime experience and I will forever be grateful that I was able to go.

The first week we were there was dedicated solely to hunting (the main reason my dad wanted to go there). We stayed in a huge house (very much like a bed and breakfast) with a few bedrooms that oversaw the area so animals could walk freely around. Since I am not much of a hunter I went the first few days on the truck. But after that, I knew they were going to shoot something so I decided to hang back (I’m a baby).

Above are the animals that we were able to come home with. The bottom left is the Sable (dad’s animal), the top right/bottom right is the Kudu (brother’s animal) and the middle with the long straight horns is the Gemsbuck (sister’s animal). The best part of the lodge that we were staying at was that they cooked the meat that we shot and then send off the animals to be mounted. It has been a year since we sent the animals off but it takes forever for them to mount them.

After we got the animals we had one more day before we were heading off to Kruger National Park! We went to a nature walk that wasn’t too far away from where we were staying. My sister, Alexa, and I were so tired of getting our picture taken. We were throwing some serious shade at the camera (aka, don’t mind the mug shots).



The best part of the trip was Kruger. We saw so many crazy animals that you can’t even begin to describe. We were in a small jeep-lookalike car that was FULLY OPEN. We drove around and the animals could walk LITERALLY right up to us, what? An elephant smelled my dad’s head. That was nuts.

Funny story! My sister and I love One Direction. Chris, our tour guide, told us that the year before we came .. LOUIS AND LIAM WERE SITTING IN OUR SAME CAR WHERE WE WERE SITTING. We were so excited but totally fan-girled out over it.

Another great part of the lodge we were staying at was that they LOVE to feed you. Seriously, 5:00am – coffee and small breakfast, 7:00am – breakfast, 11:00am – lunch, 3:00pm – afternoon snack, 6:00pm – dinner. We all came back with a few extra pounds for sure.



The last week we were there was split between Zimbabwe and Cape Town. In Zimbabwe we got to do elephant back riding, zipline, walk with lions, visit Victoria Falls and a drinking cruise. I also convinced my sister to eat one of Africa’s special bugs at a buffet we went to. I paid her $5 (she still thinks that I haven’t paid her ;).



Cape Town was AMAZING. We got to swim with sharks, do wine tastings and go SHOPPING (everything is actually super expensive). The swimming with sharks was so much fun. Unfortunately, my sister and I did get super sick on the boat and had to go sit in the front for awhile. But when we were in the water, it was an unforgettable experience.

After 21 days we were all ready to come home. Although we were sad to leave the beautiful country, nothing is like coming home to your own bed. Africa 2016 will always be in my heart and I once again, can’t believe I got that opportunity.

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