Take a Hike

Sometimes I get so caught up trying to work and make money that I forget how much I love to be outdoors. On Wednesday I FINALLY had the opportunity to take a hike with some of my friends up to Bison Lake in Red Lodge (nearby town). Little did we realize that the entire was hike was uphill. Often times when I just do not feel like doing anymore cardio in the gym, I love to take my cardio outside. In Billings, we have these beautiful mountains (mountains? cliffs? rock edges?) called the Rims. There are so many trails on top of the Rims that overlook the city and they it is so pretty to go up there for sunset or sunrise.

ANYWAYS, back to the hike. It was so incredible to be able to look upon the open areas of the mountains while getting in a good workout. I feel often times I take for granted the state we live in. So many people come through and express how incredible the sites are in Montana and most of the time it is just a shrug of the shoulders and and an ‘okay, I’ve lived here practically my whole life.’

I think that the start of the hike was the best part because we ran right into a river within the first 5 minutes. After that is when we started climbing uphill and could look out over the mountain tops and see tiny cars driving on the roads below. After about 2 hours we had to unfortunately turn around (time constraint). But we did almost make it to the top (LOL). Even though we did not make it all the way it was such a wonderful day and it really reminded me to make sure I am taking time for myself to enjoy life and be outdoors just a little more often.

After a pretty sweaty hike back down we decided to stop in Red Lodge and visit a local bead shop and then head for some lunch at Foster & Logans pub. I had a chicken salad and a side of sweet potato fries (seriously my weakness). Obviously before leaving town we stopped at their coffee shop for some coffee and I had an eye-opener (coffee americano) with some sugar-free English Toffee flavoring. For the most part I do not enjoy sugar-free flavors as much as I used to. Generally I just add a little honey to make my drinks sweeter, if needed.


Since we were hiking all day I decided to not go to the gym that evening because I was completely burnt out! I ended up just relaxing and going to dinner with some friends. On Thursdays, however, it did feel amazing to be back to lifting.




Where are your favorite places to hike?

What are your favorite ‘post hike’ snacks?

What do you do for fun?





2 thoughts on “Take a Hike”

  1. STINE!! I love the blog. Can we go hiking soon, please?! 🙂 and you know me, I love cookies for post hiking snacks.


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