WHY START A BLOG?! I don’t know? Why do people do anything! I just wanted a forum where I could express myself and share fitness tips and recipes and if people wanted to talk about it with me, AWESOME. I feel like so often people do not take the time to grow themselves as people and I truly felt like starting a blog would help be grow as a person. I need a space where I can just talk about stuff, probably what most people are thinking anyways, and if people wanted to talk about it with me they can just comment and we can start a conversation.

I love fitness and health and wanted to share my experiences with other people (even though other peoples experiences are way different than mine, but I would love to hear about your experiences as well!) and hopefully give people ideas on new recipes or workouts that they can do in their lives! So things are about to get REAL here. I started training for my show in April. I DID NOT do this alone. I have a trainer that is a godsend and has helped me grow so much as a person in fitness and emotionally as well. I was never ‘overweight’ or thought that I was at least but always struggled with body issues. I did not want to be that way anymore. I wanted to be confident as who I was as a person and I wanted to know that I was being the best possible version of myself. Even though I am still two months out from my show I know my body as already changed so much.

It feels crazy to share these photos of me in public. Before, I would not even want to be caught in a swimsuit I was so insecure. It is funny how things change and once you start living a more active lifestyle, how much more positive your outlook on life can be.

NOW – LETS BE REAL. I LOVE FOOD. Honestly, out of all my friends, I would have to say I love food the most. I can literally think of one friend of mine that loves food an equal amount as I do. I did not get this way because I cut all good food out of my life. I got his way because of moderation. I do count my calories (just because I’m prepping for my show) but in my off-season I won’t worry about my calories or macros as much. As long as I’m living a healthy lifestyle (and of course getting some sweets here or there) I will be so happy as a human. The only thing I cannot live without EVER, is coffee. Very rarely will you see me without a cup of coffee in my hand. Seriously, ask anyone.

Well it seems that I have gotten off topic here but the main focus is that I just want a space that I can be who I am and people want to engage. They are more then welcome to join in the conversation or even ask questions. I love meeting new people! Being real for sec, I have no idea what I’m doing. SO BARE WITH ME. Because this will definitely be a bumpy road for the both of us.

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